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The Editor-in-Chief John Melo / Ponciano Melo Jr. joined Youtube May 27, 2015 and right now he has 9,989,754 views and counting! John Melo’s social media pages has also million viewers and following when combined!


JOHN MELO SPORTS NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT online/digital media is based in United States of America.  Its coverage is mainly in California. The editors’ accessibility and proximity to key venues made this ONLINE MEDIA a reliable rich source of  breaking sports news and the like.

John Melo is a long-time fan of BOXING and other sports like basketball. His love and passion for SPORTS led him to start this ONLINE MEDIA JMELO SPORTS NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT in order to share EXCLUSIVE coverage to his million followers in all social Media platforms combined.

His primary goal is to spread BREAKING & EXCLUSIVE news about BOXING and other sports he cover in U.S.

His favorite boxer is Manny Pacquiao. However, he also cover other boxers like Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and many more. It so happened that Manny Pacman is too close to his heart.

John Melo’s authentic style of reporting is so notable. He has been a recording artist for decades and that experience made him the best in covering and reporting big events.

His wife Precilyn Silvestre Melo is also a  great editor in this platform.  Their husband-wife teamwork paved a way for a successful platform that provides hot, breaking, and influential news for their million followers all over the world!

The galleries below are some of his best coverage and reports. He met a number of boxing and NBA superstars!

John Melo credibility as an EDITOR, INFLUENCER, and, SPORTS REPORTER is indeed polished for years.

John Melo has a team of contributors, writers, video creators, graphic artists, and other key assets in making this platform a success are working as ONE!

John Melo’s partners worldwide are also making his CREDENTIALS worthy of recognition. He has partnered with hundreds of radio stations, newspapers, TV Stations, and even fellow VLOGGERS and editors.

See below galleries of his coverage and how he met a number of sports superstars and other personalities.






JMELO SPORTS NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT INFLUENCE ONLINE AND ON-AIR – Backed by a successful and effective campaign in social media platforms and websites our online presence has seen significant improvement in such short time. Apart from this, aggressive marketing and people-to-people strategies have resulted in us having the vote of confidence from over 300 radio stations, while our partners from the press are gradually following suit. Among of those radio stations, newspapers, and other media that distribute its contents are BOMBO RADYO Philippines, Manila Standard,, Philboxing, and many more! Its partners nationwide and even worldwide made JMELO SPORTS NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT a global influencer that gives breaking news to its million of followers in all media platforms combined!

Owned by Ponciano Melo Jr who is also the Editor in Chief of this online media sports news portal, JMELO SPORTS NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT brags its notable achievements in covering exclusive events in United States of America.

His wife Precilyn Silvestre Melo is also part of this online media as an EDITOR.


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